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AMG International Tree Broker

Your American Tree Source

We Locate, Gather, Handle, Pack and Send Mature Trees to All Over the World

Our Service

We Are a Full-Service Tree Broker Helping You Get the Trees You Need for Your Project.

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1- Initial Inquiry

First, you submit an inquiry with what trees you need and where. Tell us what you need, we will try to find it. Our team will search for what you need within our network, and get back to you with availability, cost and next steps.

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2- Gathering Your Trees

Once a partial payment is made, AMG will go about sourcing the trees from our extensive network of quality nurseries and carefully transporting them to our facility.

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3- Packing & Shipping

After collecting final payment, we pack the trees into containers following export/import regulations, and provide what they need to survive the journey. Then we deliver the containers to the Florida Port of your choice for shipment.

How We Work

AMG Strives to Serve Customers with Quality, Value, Speed and Integrity.

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No Soil Packing

Sometimes regulations don't allow exporting trees with soil on them, so we carefully clean their roots in our prepping process.

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Our team is experienced, licensed, and insured, we handle trees of many different sizes and types.

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Coconut Husk-Based Medium

We pack our trees with a coconut husk-based medium that holds moisture and nutrients for the journey.

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Container Shipping

We load the trees as neatly as possible into the containers, treating and positioning them to avoid too much stress during shipping.