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Our Service

What We Do:
AMG is an international tree brokerage firm offering full-service, high volume, sales and shipment of large trees from the United States to places around the world.
InternationalTreeBrokerFrom palms, tropicals, fruit trees, and ornamentals to natives, evergreens and deciduous. As long as regulations allow it to be exported/imported, and we think it can survive the trip, we can handle it. All of our products are hand selected by our knowledgeable and experienced staff, gathered and transported with great care, then packaged and shipped with the attention your project deserves. We strive to provide the highest quality products with unparalleled service and dependability while still being able to offer a competitive price. Our team will go the extra mile to fulfill your tree needs and will keep you up-to-date with the status of your order every step of the way.


How We Do It:
Let’s say that you have a big project, like in a golf club, a park, a hotel, or any other type of landscape project that requires trees, big, mature trees. You need many of them, and some of them can not be found in your country. This is where we come in.

1-First, you gather all the relevant details about what you need, how many, where and when. Then you submit that information through our inquiry form. No job is too big, tell us what you need, we will research availability within our extensive network of quality nurseries, and try to find something that can suit your needs. Once our search is done, our team will get back to you with availability, cost, arrangements, and next steps.

2-Once we receive the first half of the payment, we proceed with purchasing the trees from the respective nurseries. Our trees are hand selected to ensure quality and health. Then we carefully transport them ourselves to our storage facility in Lake City, FL, to get them prepared for packing and shipping.

3-At this point we collect the final payment then start prepping and packaging the trees for shipment. We prep them by washing the roots, trimming, inspecting, spraying nutrients and etc. Then we pack their roots in a coconut husk-based medium with water and nutrients to carry them through the journey. We wrap them with a breathable fabric that protects and lessens stress on the canopy. And finally we load them into shipping containers, and transport them to your port of choice in Florida, so that they can be shipped to your country.

AMG will be with you every step of the way, notifying you of developments and any issues that arise throughout the process. We specialize in large projects and large specimens, with our experience, we can help you source the best and healthiest trees, so you can bring to life the beautiful spaces you’ve envisioned!